Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where, Oh Where, Will Technology Take Us?

In the article, "Navigate the Digital Rapids," I found some key points that I would certainly agree with. I thought it was great to see that there are different types of technology one can incorporate into the classroom depending on the age level. I think that if we start our students off at a basic understanding of technology and find ways to enhance their learning then we can continue to grow with technology in the classroom as time goes on.

I believe that the old saying, "You will never know, if you never try," goes hand in hand with this article because technology is a big jump that someone has to be willing to take. I think no teacher wants to necessarily incorporate technology into their classroom because they anticipate distractions among their students. I agree with this this article when it says that the teacher must take control. This is significant because if the teacher shows control, confidence and capability then the students should know their consequences if they seem to get out of hand.

It is always scary to take that first step in a new direction but after that there is always room to learn what is needed. This article basically says one must struggle before they succeed. Once everything is figured out then we will be able to offer different digital footprints for each student through their adolescent years. We want our students today to be given every opportunity of greatness and success. By being able to learn in different ways, we are broadening their knowledge in many ways.

Overall, I found this article to be very interesting because it allowed me to see the necessary steps to be successful with technology. By being successful these days, one must take new steps and challenges in their lives and I think technology in the classroom is our first greatest step to a new beginning.

Lindsay, Julie, and Vicki Davis. "Navigate the Digital Rapids." ISTE-Learning & Leading with Technology 37.6 Mar./Apr. (2010): 12-15. Web. 15 Sept. 2011. <>.


  1. Danielle,
    I agree with what you and the article are saying that teachers are not bringing technology into the classroom since they are afraid of the distractions. I know that I would be one of those teachers since I know that even myself can get distracted with having computers and technology around when I am suppose to be doing homework. I like the point that the only way to change this is by having everyone informed of what is needed and expected.


  2. The article sounds very interesting. I think teachers do need to let some technology into the classroom though it is certainly at their own discretion. Trial and error is really the only option for it as well. Each year can be a new learning experience as to what works and what doesn’t.