Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Power of the Web

In the article, "The Power and Peril of Web 3.0," I learned a great deal of information. I believe that the author Jason Ohler brought up some pretty good points about the information we find on the web. As we all know, there is a great deal of personal information that is put on the web for many people to eventually find. In order to find the information we are looking for, we must be willing to evaluate our resources and see if they are valid resources.

I agree with Ohler because I think that students should learn how to search properly so that they find exactly what they are looking for. When we use the search bar, we get millions of hits upon our search; however, if we narrow down our search or focus on the main points, we may be able to find what we are looking for in a quicker fashion. I believe in order for this to occur, we, as educators, must be able to educate our students on the web. As the web continues to grow, there are more concepts we can begin to understand. We need to be able to educate students to look up appropriate information and not waste their time on searching every hit to see if that provides them research.

Although technology has its ups and downs, we need to be able to incorporate it into our everyday lives because it is only going to continue to grow. It provides another source of intelligence that we may find useful for some information. Even though it sounds like the easy way out of finding information or research, we are developing better skills in a technology sense. Instead of avoiding it, I believe educators need to be able to incoporate technology and the web into their classrooms now because we have time to plan for it before it grows at a faster rate.

Ohler, J. (2010, May). The Power and Peril of Web 3.0. Learning and Leading with Technolgy, 37(7), 14-17. Retrieved September 28, 2011, from


  1. Danielle,

    I think being able to teach students the right way to search is important since I had to learn how to search for things on my own and still will just type things into a search bar and hope that I will eventually find what I am looking for. We can find everything on the internet if we learn how to search for it properly and students would learn more then they do when just searching blindly. I agree with all that you said in the journal entry and found it very interesting. I probably would have never thought of teaching the proper way to search.


  2. I agree with your post. Students do need to be taught the best way to search the internet for what they are looking for. I think that teaching kids how to search could easily be integrated into the curriculum of any class and wouldn't take that much time to teach them.