Sunday, September 11, 2011

Speak Up for the Future

In the article, Speak Up, technology was introduced as being a major part of education today. Students are becoming more educated with technology today it seems as if it can be a distraction; however, at the rate we're going, we will be able to incorporate technology into our classroom for the anticipation of teaching rather than distracting our students.

WHAT: After giving and receiving various surveys about the use of technology used among schools, it was obvious that technology was making its way into the classroom in one way or another. While reading this article, I was interested to see that, in the future, teachers as well administrators were absorbed in the fact that eventually each child would be able to use a laptop in the classroom. Today, we rely so much on technology it becomes second nature. At the rate we are going, each classroom student will be able to monitor their own computer with various types of exercises as a way of learning on top of what the teacher is teaching. As technology grows, so do we, we become more educated inside and out. It was also interesting to see that technology can play a major role in each individuals learning. The typical teacher usually uses a great source of technology now by creating power points, music, visual elements for their lessons. Project Tomorrow and Speak Up are teaming up to help technology work in the classroom. It is proved that students in a digitally-rich learning environment are more successful than the basic teaching. Technology gives us a different perspective on learning and we must find a way to incorporate it into learning to make it fun and interesting for every individual.

SO WHAT: The author of this article makes a bold statement. A statement, in fact, that prepares us for our future to come. Technology has continued to grow over the years, expanded in ways some never thought could happen. The only way to use technology to our benefit is to incorporate it into our classroom lectures/lessons. I believe the purpose that the author is trying to make clear is that we are the future. By the time we are classroom teachers, technology would have or will be already taking over the classroom in spectacular ways. Instead of working against it, we must work with it and use it to our benefit.

NOW WHAT: I believe the steps to the future with technology are very basic. We can incorporate different technology structures into our classrooms allowing students to learn in a variety of ways. I imagine that there are not enough ways to teach a classroom full of children. By being educated in technology, we are broadening our horizons for teaching beyond the traditional "box." Once we are educated, we will be able to share our knowledge with our students. By allowing students to create their own visual elements gives them to ability to grasp the information in a different way. As the years go on, technology gets more advanced; therefore, that leaves us striving for more ways to enhance education.

Speak Up: Unleashing the Future


  1. We do need to incorporate technologies into classroom and the best technology has yet to come. I don't think it's about there being enough or not enough ways to teach children but about how to utilize the options we already have and how to make utilize the technologies that come out in the future. I agree it is up to use to figure out how to incorporate these emerging technologies into the classroom. It'll be great fun to see how we as teachers can do this.

  2. I agree that with all the changes in technology that there will be ways for us to become better educators because of techonogy. I think though with that we first need to be teaching students the right and wrong ways to use technology in an educational setting and that it is not just for personal use but to also enhance their learning experience. As well as knowing that the schools that one day will have the best technology that not every school is as fortunate as their own school and to not abuse the chance they get by using in wrong and making poor choices. Technology will definatly be a factor in our classrooms I think it will just be a matter of what we choose to do with it that will determine what our students take from it.