Monday, October 24, 2011

Web Tools For Teachers

In the website, Web 2.0 for the Classroom Teacher, I was able to find a lot of interesting web tools that can significantly help out a teacher and his/her students. I found two tools that especially caught my eye as a student and I can believe could be very helpful to teachers as well. The first tool I found is GradeFix and the other is Scriblink.
These two web tools can help a lot in and out of the classroom. Grade fix is very helpful website for teachers to organize their work and assignment they assigned to the class. The students can create their own grade fix account which allows them to track their homework appropriately giving them a good sense of time when to complete it. This can be significant in the classroom because it can create a good sense of communication between the teacher and the students as well as the parents. Parents will be able to see what their child has due and when it is due by simply logging on to the account and accessing their homework, test, quiz, or project information. This is a good way to keep students on top of their work so they could receive the grades they deserve.
Scriblink is also an important tool that can be used a lot in the classroom. Scriblink is basically an online whiteboard that can be used among a number of people at once. A teacher or student can share their screen with the rest of the class. I believe this tool could be helpful because the students can possibly receive a step by step instruction of a math problem allowing them to see how to complete the problem. This is also good for group work and could benefit many students learning styles by being able to see it right in front of them.
I believe that these tools correspond to the NETS-T standard #1 because it allows the teacher to promote students reflection of understanding as well as model collaborative knowledge construction over a virtual environment. Since the teacher is generally checking for understanding from his/her students they are communicating through a virtual element the proper way to do something or organizing what is expected of each student.
I think that these tools are essential to the classroom because it helps work towards students learning and development. These tools can be definitely used in different ways and as perspective teachers, I believe we need to find ways to incorporate them into our classroom.

Summerford, S. (2011, July 28). In Web 2.0 for the Classroom Teacher. Retrieved October 24, 2011, from


  1. Danielle,

    I like the idea of the interactive grades and having students be able to see how they are doing more accurately. I think if they have the ability to see how they are really doing and have a way to communicate with the teacher about fixing something that is wrong they will be more interested in their grades and keep up on what is due when. This is defiantly something I would find and use in a classroom with older students.


  2. The links you provided look like great tools for teachers and parents alike. GradeFix sounds a like a fantastic way for parents to monitor their child's progress and be active in the child's schooling. ScribeLink also sounds like a great way for students to work together on a math problem or science project.