Monday, October 31, 2011

21st Century Language Arts

In the article, Telling Stories with Video, students are able to be creative with their learning of Language Arts. I focused on a Language Arts article because I am interested in English and want to find creative and fun ways for students to learn what they need to know. I believe English and grammar is very important in schools because it is a building block of a vocabulary as well as is needed in everyday life.

WHAT: In this article, I was able to develop the sense that students work better when they can use other forms of text other than printed text. As students, we have grown up reading text after text and doing the same thing day after day. I believe that if we use other ways of learning, students will be more interested in the subject and have a better understanding of what Language Arts is really all about. The article highlights how technology can be useful to help or even save a Language Arts lesson. By having students, create videos to show their understanding, we are offering them a fun and creative way for learning.

SO WHAT: The authors are trying to get learning up-to-date with the current lifestyle we live. Technology is a huge part of our world today; therefore, we should be able to incoporate it into our learning just as we can incorporate it into our everyday lives. We can simply enhance our learning and interest by making learning fun rather than a "chore."

NOW WHAT: As perspective educators, I believe it is necessary to move as quickly as techonology does. If we find ways to help our students learn in a fun, creative, imaginative, and friendly way then we are giving them more concepts to learn rather to just read from a text. Unfortunately or fortunately, technology is making a pathway into education and we must find a way to incorporate it instead of running from it.

Young, C., & Kajder, S. (2009, June). Telling Stories with Video. ISTE, 36(8). Retrieved October 31, 2011, from


  1. Danielle,
    I agree that as educators and being in a students life every day that we as educators do need to be keeping up with technology so that we can teach to the best of our ability. I think that if we just go into teaching with the idea that we are going to have growing technology is going to keep coming into our classroom it will be easier for us to keep up with it and embrace it. Making language arts something that is more hands on is defiantly something that I can see benefitting a classroom and making a sometimes boring subject more fun to learn.

  2. Danielle,
    I agree that English and grammar is important in schools and that video storytelling is a great way for students to improve their grammar skills and confidence. It's great technology can be used to create new, creative, and fun ways to get students interested in Language Arts that doesn't fall into the mundane essays and worksheets that are typical of the topic. Educators do need to keep up with the emerging technology. It is to the students benefit and ours to use new technology to inspire and let students have fun learning.